Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Michael Owen is a dick

TWITTER WARS!  Just as Michael Owen was starting to worm his way back into my heart (I signed him on FIFA) he goes and reacts like a five year old on the internet.  Ta daaaa!

I particularly like the closing one word sentence because it just epitomises everything I dislike about Michael Owen.  When he was tearing defences apart in his youth it was exciting and I don't think anyone was happy about the hamstring injuries he kept getting because he was great to watch, but then he started acting above his station and trying to win more money trophies.  The initial 'burn' by @Stueylar is actually pretty funny and also factually accurate so I don't know why the striker is getting pissy about it.  How does he know that @Stueylar hasn't had a successful life?  We don't.  I guess the point to make here is that Michael Owen is a cunt.  Except on FIFA.