Thursday, 15 December 2011

Michael Chopra is terrible at gambling

Michael Chopra is the quintessential Championship striker. Guaranteed to get you goals in that league but if you get promoted he's fucked and will soon find himself back in the Championship before the transfer window has even closed. When it comes to gambling, he's not Championship standard, he's not even Highland league.

His huge gambling debts were at the centre of a drugs trial today. Not sure where he was gambling but it certainly doesn't sound like any William Hill I've been to. Chopra owed a lot of people, a lot of money. Not that kind of people you want to owe money to and he needed help to pay up his debt or face having his kneecaps broken.

A chap called John Somerville provided some much needed cash. It turns out he was a drug dealer, whoops. With the police on his tail, Somerville threw £12,500 worth of cocaine out of his window. As a result of the pending court case, all Chopras gambling problems have come to light. When Ipswich signed Chopra, they were fully aware of his problems. They did the only responsible thing that they could, give him £250,000 to clear his debts. "Now you definitely won't use this to gamble will you Michael?". Fucking idiots.

I wonder if he chose red or black?