Tuesday, 13 December 2011

McLeish tells N'Zogbia to wise up with his pish

Charles N'Zogbia is one of those footballers who spends all their ill-gotten cash on jewellery and cars and stuff and that really pisses Alex McLeish off because he just wants them to you know, play football.

The minute I see anyone with a design carved into their head I know that I will have absolutely no common ground with them.  If I even tried to talk about football on a basic level I know they'd start trying to tell me how much they really supported Chelsea about three years ago but think Man City might have been their childhood team all along, then ask me what I think of the new Rizzle Kicks album.  I'm definitely generalising but whatever.  Alex McLeish seems to feel the same and said this:
“We are looking for him to be a great Aston Villa player, and that should be his goal,” said McLeish.
“It’s not about the finer things in life – cars, houses – it’s about prestige, being a top player, playing well at a top club.
“Charles gave us a performance [against Bolton] we have been used to seeing from him over the years.
“We are looking for that every week and when you get that kind of consistency you can be called a top player.
“Some guys have different personalities than others. I think Charles has good belief in himself.
“It’s really about the fire, or desire, to do that every single week. It’s harder for creative players, but we know he can do it.
“He’s got a gift that other people would love to have in life and he has to use that as he did on Saturday.”
So basically what he's done there is remind Charles that he was signed for a shit-ton of money, and he should probably pull his finger out of his own arse sometime soon so that everyone doesn't hate him, or even worse, in twenty years he finds himself watching video re-runs on YouTube of that time he had the chance to play professional football.  I guess hindsight is a wonderful thing which is why if I'm going to drive anywhere really fast I make sure I have a shovel, map and bag of lime in the boot.  Cos that was really awkward last time.