Monday, 26 December 2011

Martin O'Neill punctured Bendtner's head

Martin O'Neill is a good manager and has identified that Nicklas Bendtner might be a decent player to have on his side.  But only if he actually starts playing as well as he thinks he is, which is what he told him.

The striker joined Sunderland in the summer on a season long loan as he found himself out of Arsenal's first team and hasn't exactly set fire to the Stadium of Light yet.  O'Neill thinks he could prove to be a source of goals because his midi chlorian count is so high, but he just hasn't realised it yet.  This is according to Bendtner's own testing of course.

Originally travelling with his brother Luke far to the Degobah system to receive the necessary training to compete at the highest level, Luke left the swamps early but with a promise to fulfil his training once he'd taken on his greatest enemy.  Bendtner just played on his iPhone the entire time Yoda was trying to teach him stuff, "yeh yeh whatever I'm trying to get to level 9 on Tiny Wings" and then found himself on Arsenal's bench.  My only hope is that Bendtner doesn't go absolutely tits and murder an entire village like his Dad did cos that'd be awkwaaaaard.