Monday, 12 December 2011

Martin O'Neill is good at managing

Martin O'Neill started his new job as Sunderland boss yesterday by beating Steve Kean's hapless collection of mis-managed retards by two goals to one, both of which were very late and"surreal" goals.

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The Northern Irishman described how he had never imagined winning the first game in charge of his boy hood club in such spectacular style in his post-match interview, making us all feel nice and fuzzy about the romantic side of football again and also making Steve Kean look even worse at his job than we all thought he was.  No-one even cares if Kean is actually any good at his job now - he could get Blackburn to win the champions league and he would still be forever known as an idiot.  I get the feeling if you put him in charge of a CostCutters the thing would be on fire in about three hours.  It must be incredibly disheartening, like surely to the point when even he starts thinking he might not be meant for this line of work, when you let in goals from 25 yards scored by an evil scientist's mentally disabled assistant.

Steve Kean could do with one of those right now, actually.