Friday, 2 December 2011

Martin O'Neill agrees to be Sunderland manager

Loveable Northern Irishman Martin O'Neill has agreed in principal to become Sunderland's new manager which gives Mark Hughes an extra few hours to become even more potentially disappointed with his own terrible life choices.

It would appear that O'Neill has undergone something of a makeover in his time off and I think he looks lovely.  According to former employee Neil Lennon, pictured below...

...O'Neill supported Sunderland as a boy which just further complicates this story for me because I like Martin O'Neill, couldn't give two solitary shits about Sunderland and couldn't think of anything interesting to write for this story that other websites hadn't already done.  So thank you Wikipedia for not only helping me and a million others get a University degree with minimum effort, but also for supplying weird photos that I'm probably not allowed to use.