Thursday, 29 December 2011

Maradona is fined

Maradona is mental so when I read that he got fined £1,600 for insulting another coach I got really excited. Then I read the story and it's probably the lamest insult of all time.

Maradona is the best footballer of all time and probably the best footballing character of all time. He's somehow still coaching in the UAE despite being absolutely terrible at the job. In a recent game against Al Ain, Maradona claimed that Al Ain's staff celebrated a goal in an unprofessional manner. After the game he said their coach Cosmin Olaroiu was "quite rude and should learn some manners." Maradona calling someone else unprofessional, if a pot spoke to a kettle it would probably call it black.

For someone of Maradona's reputation I thought this was extremely mild but I enjoyed Olaroiu's comeback-
"Maradona doesn't always have a clear mind because of his life. I don't take drugs. My life is clear. I don't do anything … Who is Maradona as a coach? He should respect his work and should never come to matches by wearing short pants."
For all you coke snorting, short wearers out there heed the words of Cosmin Olariou and sort your life out.