Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Mancini wants Wayne Bridge to fuck off

Roberto Mancini has indicated that he hopes Wayne Bridge stops mooching off Manchester City and goes to play for another club in the upcoming transfer window.  I'm not sure he'll really care that much.

Signed by City for £10million in 2009, Bridge now finds himself behind Clichy, Kolarov and Zabaleta in the choosing order for left back.  In fact, Wayne's new position seems to be left back....... in the changing room!  Am I right guys?  Actually he now trains with the youth team instead of the first team occasionally. His career has gone really well so far.  Mancini said:
"I don't understand why there are some players that have a chance to go and play, and don't.  "Wayne is a good guy but I hope he leaves in January."
I'm not sure he quite got the message across with that quote so then he said this:
"I don't know why you would want to stay at a club where you can't play,"
"When we are young and start to play football we don't play for money, we play because we like football. Every player should have this target in mind - to play football.
But still Wayne doesn't seem to quite get it and is content to receive whatever RIDICULOUS wage he still earns on his contract, which also isn't going to expire for another year or so.  This whole story has got me thinking that the note with 'GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE' attached to a knife stabbed through  my bedroom door might have had something to do with my flatmate moving out.  He'll never take away my memories, they belong to me.