Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Manchester United want Nicolas Gaitan

Nicolas Gaitan's agent has done us all a favour by confirming that Manchester United have begun transfer talks with Benfica for the Argentinian playmaker.

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The Old Trafford side have started negotiations with Benfica which are apparently meant to be around the £25million sort of mark.  His agent was keen to point out that no fee has been agreed yet oh and also yeh Gaitan is actually like really happy at Benfica?  So they will have to offer like a looooot of money so that he'll move because he's so happy?  Not that he has any interest in this transfer financially whatsoever.  He's just putting it out there, you know.

I get the feeling that most football agents would sell their players to satan if it meant they could buy a new swimming pool.  And in fairness, that is probably about the only team that would be able to stop Barcelona winning everything this year, and as another positive, the fans are probably more welcoming than Blackburn's.  I bet Steve Kean wishes he hadn't already sold his soul for that extra pint after closing time back in 86.