Thursday, 8 December 2011

Man Utd are in the Eurovision Cup. Everyone pleased.

Patrice Evra has said that it is an "embarrassment" and a "catastrophe" that Manchester United have not qualified for the knock out stages of the Champions League for the first time in like forever.  I think it's awesome.  The other FitbaThatba guy probably doesn't but I haven't heard from him since yesterday.

Beaten by a tiny Swiss team called FC Basle Brush, or Basil Fawlty or whatever you want, Manchester United came crashing out of the tournament and straight into Europe's second most important trophy.  When Aberdeen reached the UEFA Cup we were all delighted but not so for the selfish Manchester United.  Moaning and whinging about having to still be in Europe is a bit like when someone buys their spoilt daughter a new car and she cries and screams "I DON'T WANT A RED CAR I WANT A BLUE CAR".  So shut up you dicks.

Now set to appear on everyone's favourite TV channel, the cleverly named Channel 5, Man Utd might just single handedly remind people that Channel 5 still exists.  I only remember it because I never used to be able to get a signal for it, but when I did there were always boobs, and that's why television was invented in the first place.  The BBC have really forgotten their roots.