Monday, 12 December 2011

Man City reject AC Milan transfer offer for Tevez

Man City have told AC Milan to get tae fuck with their shenanigans.  The shenanigans in question are a season long loan with the option to buy him at €23million at the end of that.

City are only willing to sell the forward on a permanent basis with a further stipulation of the agreement between themselves and another club being that he is transported there by cannon, or by being attached to lots of balloons and Roberto Mancini firing at him with an air rifle to control the altitude he reaches.  Tevez has already sent a truck round to the Etihad stadium to move all his stuff from a private box he was given and I think it's probably safe to say he can't wait to get out of that place.  The last time I saw someone so eager to escape somewhere I had to answer a whole bunch of questions in a police station, so I really hope that doesn't happen again.  I can only hope those guys have a really nice new owner.  I miss you helpful black people.