Monday, 12 December 2011

Man City lose

Manchester City finally lost a game. Out of the Champions League and Arsenal this weekend, perhaps this season will be more interesting after all....

Despite Ray Wilkins' best efforts to make this game unwatchable, it proved to be a rather good contest. Gary Neville kept a brave face despite us calling him a dick. Man City took the lead before I'd even got home and turned on the television. I thought that perhaps City were on course to administer another raping but Chelsea grew some gonads and with the help of a red card and a penalty (not related), came back to win 2-1.

Toure Yaya or Yaya Toure seemed on a mission to get himself sent off. Mark Clattenburg did the right thing and sent of Gael Clichy instead. Sky were trying to create some kind of whimsical fairy-tale about Frank Lampard saving the world by scoring a penalty. Wilkins exploded in delight and amazement at Lampards incredible bravery and skill he displayed by hammering a penalty straight down the middle of the goal.

It's good to see that Man City can actually be beaten. It's now all up to Robin Van Persie to try and get a result on Sunday. How do Arsenal's pre-game team-talks go? I imagine Van Persie just stares in the mirror and says "look around you, who else is going to score? Walcott? Gervinho with his massive swollen head? I don't fucking think so". Don't be surprised to see de Jong get a start just to break RVP in the first five minutes. Tactics.