Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lyon vs Dinamo Zagreb *might* have been fixed

So Lyon managed to pull off an amazing nine goal turnaround in their goal difference against Dinamo Zagreb, winning 7-1 and putting Ajax out of the Champions League.  Frank de Boer said it might be hard to prove it was fixed.

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The Ajax coach doesn't think any amount of probing (lol) into the match would result in any evidence of match-fixing, and he's probably right because according to the standard that FIFA set in these matters, corruption is practically encouraged, so any efforts to prove this match to be dodgy would be largely pointless.  In an article by FourFourTwo:

"On this stage a 7-1 away win is an exception. Maybe I'm naive when I think it normally doesn't work like this, but if Zagreb gave the match away they should be punished," De Boer said after a night that consigned Ajax to the Europa League.
"But I think it is hard to find any evidence in this case,"
Ajax were knocked out of the Champions League by two goals which coincidentally is how many they had ruled offside in their own match.  Incorrectly.   Most people have blamed either the useless cunt of a linesman in their match with Real Madrid or the two teams in the Zagreb/Lyon game for the astonishing turn around but I think we should all take a minute and remember that it was of course all the plan of our great and vengeful God.  God was unavailable for interview because there were about 3000 variations of him in the phone book.  CONTROVERSIAL!