Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Liverpool sign 16 year old

Liverpool are always fun around transfer season and although they have been linked this week with Cheiek Tiote, Fernando Torres and pretty much every other player in the world, they've instead signed Jordon Ibe from Wycombe.

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The picture above is actually just cropped, he does have an entire head.  I know you're glad I cleared that up but the fun doesn't end there.  No sir!  Ibe has been playing first team football since the age of 15 and has already started scoring goals at professional level so to say he has potential is a bit of an understatement.  At least now he can really be nurtured in Liverpool's reserves with such role models as Andy Carroll, who can truly teach him the value of money.  Or how about Luis Suarez who can teach him fun words to say in Uruguay.  By the time his training is complete all those white devils will be scared to mess with the forward.

And on another note, since when has it become OK to spell names incorrectly?  Jordon?  More like Zordon!  HA HA I am too much.