Sunday, 4 December 2011

Liverpool might buy Anelka back

Any player aged around about 29 is being turfed out of Chelsea in January and the summer, and front of the New Year sales queue are Liverpool, who are preparing to splurge £4million on former player Nicolas Anelka.

that's his wife
Le Sulk is not having the best of times at Chelsea because he's not getting any times and is now ranked below Torres, Sturridge, Drogba and man bear Lukaku in the pecking order.  With places tight at the Bridge, his future would appear to lie elsewhere.  I also say this because he's been told that he has to leave.  It was just one of a series of clues I had to decipher to unravel this story.  We asked Andy Carroll for a comment on what this might mean for his own career but he was too busy fingering strippers in the corner of Revolution to listen or care.  Ha ha only joking!  It was actually Liquid.  Not Rev.