Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lincoln City have no Christmas spirit

Lincoln City have told their players that fun has been banned this year and rather than enjoy themselves on Christmas day with their families like normal humans, they must train from home, with "harsh punishments" for those who don't.

I think that photo is literally what I will look like after this festive season has ended because I plan to get boozed up to the max and do Christmassy shit.  Opening presents and stuff.  Not so for the minions of the evil Lincoln City!  For they must continue their rigorous training, which judging by the fact it's a Blue Square Bet Premier side probably means kicking a football as far away from their standing position as possible and then punching the next two people that they see in the face.

I'm not entirely sure how the club expects to know that everyone has trained but again judging by the fact these guys play in the Blue Square Bet Premier League I think just using the Santa Claus children's behavioural affective technique of telling them that 'we can see yooooooou' might work.  Or heart monitors.  Curse you science!