Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Lancashire Telegraph hates Steve Kean

Steve Kean is really brave because even though everyone in the world thinks he should leave his job at Blackburn Rovers he keeps refusing to.  Now the Lancashire Telegraph have broken their normal sorts of front page news about cat beauty pageants to call for the man to finally call it a day, according to famous people on Twitter.  I'm pretty sure Mary Shelley is writing it.

Though he never meant to harm anyone, the creature is feared by the village for the monster that will take Rovers back down to the Championship.  "Off with his head!" they shout as a thousand supporters march towards Ewood Park's doomed gates, masking their racism at the Venkys ill-advised ownership by attributing this hatred to the perceived stupidity of the brothers.  "He doesn't know what he's doing!", "he'll kill us all!", they cry and with sound judgement, for Steve Kean truly does not know what he's doing.  Who would?  It's not as if he can suddenly buy a million players to add to his already below average squad.  "Bring in someone new!!" is the final battle cry and throughout the world the people shrug their shoulders and say "I dunno who either but there has to be someone".  "Is Batman real?  No?  OK ummm.... are you sure Batman isn't real?  I really feel like we should try and get Batman".

All joking aside it really is about time he goes.