Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Justin Bieber meets Lampard and Torres. Can actually play football. Angry.

Justin Bieber is living proof that abortions are good so here he is playing football with Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres:

The most disturbing thing about this whole interview is that Bieber actually scores more goals than Torres does in it.  Whether this is because Torres' confidence is so shot that if he even tried to take a penalty and lost against Justin Bieber he would literally stab himself through the stomach with a samurai sword is unknown, and also not in the final cut of this television piece, but I think that's probably why.  Surely Fernando can still play better football than Justin Bieber?  Can't he?  PLEASE JESUS MAKE IT SO.  On the other hand, we could claim that the Canadian moose fucker has stolen his powers through magic and should therefore be burnt alive at the stake.

What are you waiting for?  He should be dead by now.  Bring me his head!  And those girls that follow him around.  And his money.  *sigh*

Uhhhh I meant Lampard!