Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Joey Barton has a child

Joey Barton was impregnated by Danny De Vito recently and has given birth to a human boy and I don't know why more parents don't teach their children sex education with Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Ho ho ho I'm only joking.  Joey Barton's partner Georgia McNeill gave birth yesterday and the pair named him Cassius, after the song by Foals.  And I know you're all wondering but I can confirm that his girlfriend or whatever is hot.  So kudos to you Joey Barton.  And naming a child after a fashion rock band or maybe boxing legend Mohammad Ali is quite cool because both those entities went through similar strife to achieve the global recognition they earned.  Foals actually had to borrow money from their parents once to get a haircut and Ali was just famous for punching people.  It's not as if that takes effort or anything.

Balloons is a good song.  FOOTBALL JOURNALISM