Friday, 16 December 2011

Jack Wilshere will return in February

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere is expected to return to 'action' around about February according to Arsene Wenger.

Wilshere has been injured since a stupid pre-season match against New York Red Bulls and hasn't played a single game in this campaign so far.  On one hand that's a bad thing because Arsenal could surely have done with some of the inventiveness he brings to their midfield, but on the other, he recently helped produce a tiny human child so he gets to spend some time raising it rather than kicking a ball around a pitch.  Wenger will also be pleased because it means he has a potential pipeline of players to choose from in ten years for the Carling Cup games that might still exist.  Actually, if Arsene Wenger hasn't exploded into a thousand snakes from all the stress in ten years time, that will be the real miracle of Christmas or something.

I'm hungover today.