Friday, 9 December 2011

Ivan Klasnic is a lad

Ivan Klasnic plays for Bolton but don't let that fool you into thinking he isn't really sexy because he's been banging girls right left and centre, according to his wife that is, who isn't exactly delighted with him.

So Klasnic's wife has announced she's divorcing him after finding pictures of random sluts accompanied by other girl's clothes and bits of make up in his house in Bolton.  She discovered this by surprising him with a visit from their family home in Germany!  I bet he was very excited to see her.

"You can't come in right now darling!"
"why not?!!!"
"because I ermmm have a surprise for you inside and you can't see it yet!"
"awww you are so sweet my love!  Wait, why is there a naked woman chained to the sofa?"
"..... SURPRISE!"

The 35 year old said she had heard rumours about his infidelity but didn't believe them because footballers are the most trustworthy of them all.  I bet he doesn't even know what the 'private browser' function does, which is of course shopping for presents online.