Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hleb is still at Barcelona

I completely forgot that Hleb even existed until I read today that Wolfsburg are sending him back to Barcelona. I can certainly think of worse places to go, like Stoke.

For anyone that remembers Hleb, the above will be a familiar sight. Still it was certainly a surprise to see that Gary McAllister is now a physio for  Barcelona. Hleb was quite good at Arsenal, two footed and extremely good technically which is probably why Barca signed him. Sadly for him, he got injured and turned shit very quickly.

Out on loan at Wolfsburg, he has only made four appearances this season (three as a sub). It would seem that he just cannot stop getting injured. Needless to say Wolfsburg have not expressed their desire to sign him permanently in January. It was only reading about this that reminded me that he was also at Birmingham and couldn't get a game there either. What an odd feeling it must be, knowing you are contracted to Barcelona but can't get a game ahead of Craig Gardner.

He will be sent back to Barcelona on the 31st of December. I wonder if Fabregas will hang out with him when he's back? Now at Barcelona with a trendy haircut and cool new friends, I doubt he has time for a dweeb like Hleb. He looks like the weird nerd at school that thought he was everyone's friend but in fact was the butt of all the jokes. Then he grew up and started a shit football blog.

Not really, I'm cool as fuck. Who wants to be my friend?