Monday, 12 December 2011

Harry Redknapp will murder Chris Foy

As we can all see by his rapid physical deterioration, Harry Redknapp is at last fulfilling the prophecy and becoming the dark Emperor of the Galaxy.  People should probably think twice before standing in his way.  People like Chris Foy!  *lightning*

Forgetting that hand-ball is something you are allowed or supposed to award penalties for is just one of the many things referee Chris Foy did to annoy Ol' 'Arry.  The Spurs boss ain't best pleased about the outcome of Sunday's match against Stoke and pretty much blamed it on Foy, which is fair enough because he tried really hard to stop them winning - even taking away goals that were legitimately scored.  Perhaps Foy is our only hope in the battle of good vs evil and just did it to prevent Harry from gaining more power from another three points?  Maybe if Tottenham continue their ascent towards the top of the Premiership it could offset the balance of the force and Foy was secretly revealing his Jedi powers by awarding terrible offside decisions!  It's a good job I pay attention to the little details like this.