Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Harry Redknapp wants more referees

Harry Redknapp broke his silence on referees the other day to point out how terribly Chris Foy did, but now he feels a bit bad about it and has suggested that perhaps we should have two referees on the pitch.

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Because no-one wants to look at his ageing, melty rubber face, here is a completely unrelated picture of Kate Upton with a coke glass between her awesome tits.  That's what we should have instead of referees.  I'd watch so much football my eyes would explode, and if she got anything wrong, who the fuck cares?  What is football again?

Apparently some Rugby guy told Harry about two referees working but even though I'm trying to write an article on this right now I can't stop staring at that picture so I recommend you just go and read it here cos I'm real busy right now.  Doing work and stuff.