Saturday, 24 December 2011

Gus Poyet wants to be a robot

Brighton manager has revealed his life long ambition to be a robot in a recent interview with the BBC which I definitely read correctly.

It turns out that actually Poyet was just being all sarcastic and having a go at the FA for always fining people for having a go at referees when they make incorrect decisions.  The Uruguayan refused to comment after Brighton's last game, a 1-0 defeat to Burnley, which is that team that appeared in the Premiership for 10 minutes a couple of years ago.  From the BBC:
 They are trying to make us be robots and tell you what you can say - which is nothing.
"The rules are so unclear. You're going to get a little robot.
What I think he's trying to say is that we should replace boring lower division games with massive robot wars royal rumble controlled by footballers and based on their corresponding attributes.  So Theo Walcott's robot would be really fast but explode when Neil Ruddock's bashes into it, and Sol Campbell's would try and have sex with other robots but do everything possible to hide it.  Paul Ince's robot would turn up to the wrong stadium and Paul Gascoigne would just bring a horse with a cone stuck to its forehead, wearing a jet pack that he found in a pond for good measure.

Let's make this happen, people.