Monday, 5 December 2011

The Frimpong made Wilshere's son cry

Jack Wilshere clearly has a lot to learn about parenting as he has already exposed his tiny wee boy to The Frimpong.  By wee boy I mean his son, not his penis.

This picture was put up on Twitter by Wilshere who also said "Showed Archie this earlier and he cried! #scaryman", proving that perhaps he should have reconsidered before showing a child this pictured.  I'm still in tears and won't be able to go to bed tonight and I'm 26.  Even worse is the knowledge that The Frimpong is soon to be heading out on loan to gain some first team playing experience.  He might move to a city near you and that ball won't be a ball, it will be your head, your dreams or possibly just your soul.  Scholars maintain there is no limit to the powers of The Frimpong.