Monday, 5 December 2011

Ferdinand and Vidic may be killed / sold

Sir Alex Ferguson is usually pretty good at building defensive units and he also really doesn't care about the players within these units once they start being old, slow or rubbish.  Basically, he's no Dick Winters, and rather than carry Vidic and Ferdinand to safety he's going to punt them out next summer.

And then you find out that this story is from the Metro and it all makes sense.  Ferdinand is old so that one probably makes sense, but Vidic is a fucking machine - not even Ferguson would dare mess with him for fear of his house being mysteriously burned down before he gets there.  He looks like he was purpose built for a clone army - if George Lucas had put an army of Vidic's in that second movie instead of mini-Boba Fetts or whatever it was, it would have done much better.  Even Jedi Knights run for fear of Vidic and I'd know because I've been practising lots in my house with my lightsaber and a picture of him.  I haven't seen my girlfriend for a while actually.  She probably still lives here.