Thursday, 15 December 2011

FC Sion still banned from Europa League

FC Sion were booted out of the Eurovision final because they cheated and then they moaned about that and everyone told them "whatever" and now they've been told to stop trying cos it ain't happening.

Until today the Swiss club were trying very hard to get their place back in the competition because they feel very harshly treated after qualifying, despite this qualification being performed largely by players who were ineligible to be played.  Celtic were the team at the brunt of this case, which went all the way to The Court of Arbitration for Sport, and are probably quite relieved because they almost had the chance to be knocked out at the next available game taken away from them, and that would have been a real shame.  Apparently the panel decided to uphold the ban after Neil Lennon said to them that "we wanted to try and play He-Man, Michael Buble and Bungle from Rainbow but they were judged to be fictitious characters and therefore ineligible, so we didn't", and then they they all sort of looked at each other and nodded.

"I, too, used to enjoy Rainbow.  You're OK Lennon.  You're OK" is what they said.  Or so I've heard.  I wasn't there so some of this might not even be true