Thursday, 29 December 2011

Djibril Cisse and Macheda go on a date

According to Twitter, the most reliable of sources, Djibril Cisse heard Macheda speak highly of him in a recent interview and because he likes it when people who aren't his mirror do this, he decided they should hang out and be friends.  

For libel reasons and because footballers hate gays, I should probably point out this wasn't actually a 'date'.  Unless it was, in which case, cool.  I'll let you decide!

Djibril phoned his pal Evra and got the Manchester United striker's number after comments left in an Italian magazine made him feel all awesome.  The two went for a lovely meal at some place in Manchester, since Serie A is currently on their very logical winter break thing and he has time to do those things.  I wasn't there but I'm pretty sure the conversation was about Cisse's favourite level and whether it was the one where you have to set fire to a weed farm, or whether he's going to be in the next game, because the joke I'm trying to make is that he looks like CJ from Grand Theft Auto and I'm too tired to try and make that work properly.  

Apparently in the new one you can go to the gym again and make your character all buff or whatever, because what could be a better way to spend your time than make a video game character do weights while you eat Pringles and wonder what sex is really like.

Just don't confuse killing prostitutes on the game with real life because in real life people genuinely mind and you have to do all this sneaking around and stuff.  I mean uuuuh... so I hear.