Thursday, 15 December 2011

David Villa is broken

David Villa has had his leg amputated after a crocodile tried to eat him in his sleep broken in an awkward fall during the Club World Cup which absolutely no-one knew had started.  I bet he does now though.

Barcelona's £34million striker fractured his left tibia falling after a challenge in their game against Qatari side Al Sadd, which is coincidental because that's how I feel about this injury.  (All sad) HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Villa might now miss the Euro 2012 championship which is awful news for everyone except Fernando Torres who might get his first game of the season.   Pep Guardiola was really bummed out about it as well and said this to BBC Sport:
"He will be out for a long time with this sort of break,"
"He will return to Barcelona as soon as possible for an operation. It's a massive blow for him and Barcelona."
Although the tournament is being held in Japan, it is believed the club don't want to risk the operation in one of the hospitals there incase they try and turn him into a samurai robot or replace his hand with a hoover.

"rook he can crean the footaball pitch wit his hand!"
"Carlos Puyol, we really have to get you to work on your English"

See?  You're so racist.