Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Chris Hoy is not Chris Foy

Chris Foy is a referee that makes lots of mistakes against Tottenham Hotspur so if you want to vent your frustration at him on Twitter, make sure it's Chris Foy and not Chris Hoy, who likes to ride bicycles on a wall.

from chrishoy.com
The Olympic Gold winning legend has been receiving some abuse on his twitter machine from various teenagers and adults with undiagnosed learning difficulties.  Desperate to share their opinion of referee Chris Hoy's decision making abilities against their beloved Spurs, these fiendish ghouls have taken to their metaphorical keyboard horses to fire poisoned arrows at someone I think they've forgotten is a fellow human.  From BBC Sport:
"Getting some rather amusing grief from Spurs fans!" Hoy said on Twitter.
"Just for the record 1) I don't need glasses and 2) I do not lead a double life as a ref. That's Chris Foy." 
"On the plus side I've learned some new 4 letter words today"

What is it about the internet and famous people that the general public seems to think makes them not a normal person and therefore worthy of verbal attacks?  If someone like Sir Chris Hoy started bullying us online I'd be pretty hurt and I might even tell my parents about it, so I'd probably stop it now, man.  I also do not want to 'race' you.