Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Chelsea set to steal Cahill

Remember when we all laughed at Arsenal bidding £6million for Gary Cahill because it was ridiculous?  Yeh, well now Chelsea are set to get him for £7million.  So... sorry about that, Arsene.

The Bolton defender cannot fucking wait to escape the relegation battle he's due to take part in for the rest of the season, and rather than definitely losing him for free in the summer, the club look set to cash in on their prized asset.  AVB has been given the green light for the move and Cahill should help shore up an ageing defence with John Terry also hopefully about to miss 8 games for calling someone a black cunt.  Did I say hopefully?  I meant probably.

Bolton actually rang Arsene Wenger to offer him Cahill before the Chelsea deal was struck, but he just stuck his middle finger up out the other end of the phone like in a cartoon.  It was great