Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chelsea might sell Fernando Torres

Poor old Fernando clearly needs to start hanging with Steve Grabowski again, because Chelsea are set to listen to offers of around £20million for him, if the Daily Mail are to believed.  This is obviously complete bollocks.

Apparently the London club are ready to cut their losses on the striker who hasn't been incredible since his rather expensive move from Liverpool, which pretty much sucks.  He was absolutely awesome about two years ago but I have never seen such a hideous drop in form from such an obviously gifted player.  The only way this move would make sense financially for anyone is if they don't mind paying near £170,000 a week in wages on a player who might maybe get good again but also might not.  So Man City, Anzhi Makhachkala and PSG are probably about the most likely to sign him, and PSG would certainly be the best place for him to re-find his goalscoring touch because the French League doesn't seem that hard and another reason I don't know.

Just remember that this story is utter horse shit, as is anything you've ever read in the Daily Mail.  I can assure you that Muslims and other non-white people aren't out to get you, and Fernando Torres is not broken forever.  Let's all sing a song together and celebrate this coming together of cultures and minds by buying this song on iTunes and helping me afford to eat more bacon.  Because I really like bacon at the moment and that is the most important thing of all.