Friday, 2 December 2011

Chelsea defender retires then signs new contract

Sam Hutchinson had to retire from professional football 16 months ago at the age of just 22 but everything in the world is good again because he's just signed a new year and a half long contract at Stamford Bridge.

Those of you who play football management simulation games will probably be aware of this player, I was not, but I think it's a nice story.  Jose Mourinho singled him out as a player for the future before his knee blew up and forced him to become a coach instead.  It was during these coaching sessions that all of a sudden he realised he wasn't in pain anymore and has been able to train three days a week, then four and is now looking at a full week's intensive training as he attempts to break back into the first team.  Although he hasn't signed a full contract and is currently on a sort of 'youth' contract, I assume he must be most pleased at the possibility of being able to play football for a few years and then go swimming in his pool of money at his real retirement, aged 35.  Football is so romantic sometimes.