Monday, 12 December 2011

Celtic fans love singing about the IRA

I remember writing about this at the time it happened, in fact I think I used the same inflammatory headline. It seems Celtic fans can sing about the IRA all they want in the SPL but not in Europe.  UEFA  have stepped in and fined the club for "illicit chanting".

They have been fined a mighty £12,700, that'll teach them. It was after the 3-1 home win against Rennes in the terrible Europa thing that nobody cares about, that the chanting was reported. A UEFA delegate was notified of "a "number of instances" during the game of some fans "singing offensive songs"." Or so reported the Strathclyde Police match commander. He sounds like a massive jobsworth wanker.

Celtic fans love a pro-IRA song. The SFA actually conceded that yes, numerous times this season there have been chants about the IRA but they wouldn't actually be punishing Celtic because for instance-
"all reasonably practicable steps" to prevent offensive chanting in their home match against Hibernian on 29 October."
Chief Executive of Celtic, Peter Lawwell himself admitted that the club received a large volume of complaints from their own fans about chants against Hearts. I'm too confused and annoyed about this to even be funny. They have admitted it happens, we all hear it, UEFA have taken action but yet the SPL are doing fuck all about it. Maybe everyone has just stopped caring? Celtic are thinking about appealing the decision.  I hear they are planning on editing the footage from the game and replacing all "illicit chanting" with the best of Rod Stewart.