Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bulgarian PM wins 'Player of the Year'

The Bulgarian Prime-Minister has been awarded the Player of the Year award, beating close rivals Dimitar Berbatov and someone else Bulgarian.  Stiliyan Petrov?  Either way he wants it annulled because he probably shouldn't have won that.

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Because Bulgarian football has become completely awful, the award to the PM, who plays part-time for a third division side, is not entirely serious and more about people venting their frustrations at the demise of the sport in their nation.  According to the BBC, Boyko Borisov said this:
"It is a signal that Bulgarian football needs reforms and a new policy. Organisers should annul the vote."
I actually really like the idea of the Prime Minister playing for a third division team - that would be like David Cameron playing for Plymouth or Nick Clegg starting a game for Barnet.  It makes them seem like normal people, rather than the world affecting politicians that they are.  Actually, this is the Bulgarian third division so it's not quite the standard of the English Division Two.  It's a bit more like starting for Motherwell this weekend.  Or being the captain of Aberdeen.