Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Britain: Jumpers for Goalposts. Brazil: Guns for Goalposts

We all remember playing football down at the park when we were younger. Jumpers for goalposts, paedophiles watching through the fence and all the other cliches. In Brazil they are asking for people to hand in their guns, which through the power of magic will be turned into goal posts.

thanks to the Guardian 
Brazil want the FIFA World Cup 2014 to have the theme, "a world without guns". How are all the gang members and drug dealers supposed to kill each other? I've seen City of God so I know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyone who hands in a gun will get cut price tickets to the games, or arrested, they haven't decided which yet.  There are rather a lot of murders from firearms in Brazil. Homicide has risen 124% in 30 years, which again is rather a lot. A disarmament campaign has already resulted in 20,000 guns being handed in and they are hoping that the World Cup will create global awareness of the problem and stop anyone ever going there on holiday.

South Africa's World Cup theme was, "the fight against AIDS" and now there are no AIDS left in South Africa. That's what football can do people, go outside and fight AIDS right now. I wasn't sure how to fight AIDS so I just asked a guy if he had AIDS. He said no but I punched him anyway just to make sure.