Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bojan Djordjic is poor

There was a time in the last ten years when Manchester United player Bojan Djordjic had the world in the palm of his hands.  A successful career at one of the world's biggest clubs beckoned and with it all the riches and fun a boy could dream of.  SUDDENLY: Blackpool pay him £90 a week.

The 29 year old is actually so underpaid that this case has been reported to the PFA who are now investigating it.  Originally he had signed for Blackpool under the assumption that he would receive the £90 a week as a base rate but actually make shit loads from appearance fees.  Instead of any of that, John O'Shea now pays his rent for him.  Like an overly-friendly, weird pimp.

Djordjic actually got a pretty good pay off from his last club in Hungary but gave it to his parents, and just pointing out that he was playing for a club in Hungary probably goes some way as to helping you understand how incredibly far away his potential and actual abilities ended up being from each other.  The only way his career could have gone any worse is if he ended up in the SPL but I guess there's still time.  Aberdeen could probably afford him at that price.