Monday, 5 December 2011

Blackburn fans still haven't been paid for going to India

Remember that story about Venkys inviting some Blackburn Rovers supporters out to India to see a "historic match" against 'Pune'?  Me neither.  Mirror Football do.

So apparently Balaji Rao promised to pay the expenses of a handful of supporters who made their own way to go and see this match - a match that no-one other than the Venky's owners cared about.  Then he didn't pay them back for two months.  Fucking hell I just can't believe it.  Not even the local inhabitants of the Indian town, or city, cared that this Premier League club was coming over for the match because everybody hates Steve Kean.  Even in India.  David Dunn? No thanks, I'd rather try and find something for my family to eat tonight.  They could always eat David Dunn I suppose.  I get the impression he'd take forever to cook in an oven but with some cumin and coriander might be quite tasty.