Monday, 19 December 2011

Bent misses game injured so goes shopping

Despite "being injured" Darren Bent went shopping on Sunday which is the worst day day to go Christmas shopping.  Everyone thinks "man, Saturday will be disgustingly busy, I'll just go on sunday and beat the rush" and then every creature from around the globe comes in trying to get expensive goods cheaper "for cash".  It's not the 1800s you retard.

A fan got a picture of Bent on his shopping trip and posted it to Twitter, pissing off all of Darren's fans and the man himself.  The photo, which I can't find, prompted this response from the striker:
"I hope to be back very soon. Watched the majority of he game on tv. Never knew popping out would cause an issue and for that I apologise."
I think what a lot of people forget, and I suppose is one of the recurring themes of everything I write here, is that footballers are actually real people as well.  Just because you only see them on the TV or in your local football stadium 90 minutes a week doesn't mean that they live there.  They don't get put back in their box until the next game, they go home to their families.  Some footballers are so friendly they even go home to other people's families, and then have sex with them.  Some say that only Ryan Giggs and John Terry truly understand the spirit of Christmas.