Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Barry Bannan in anti-drink driving campaign, seriously

Barry Bannan has been selected as the face of the West Midlands police "don't drink and drive campaign". On the face of it this looks like a really terrible idea. No, it just is a really terrible idea.

Just to refresh your mind, about a month ago Bannan was found guilty of drink driving, without a license, or insurance, failing to stop after a road accident and driving without due care and attention. It would be like getting Marlon King to front any kind of campaign ever. It's just a terrible idea.

Bannan said if he had killed anyone whilst driving at twice over the limit, then he would have killed himself. He didn't and he didn't so that's nice. Now he can start his new life as the role model for young kids in the West Midlands.

"Hi kids, I'm Barry Bannan I went out and celebrated a win with a few beers. Despite getting paid thousands of pounds a week I thought I should drive home, rather than get a taxi. I only had a a provisional license but my instructor said I'm really good so off I went. I crashed into the central reservation and pooped my pants. I drove through a couple of fields and got to a taxi rank where the police found me and arrested me. I didn't kill anyone and I have a really good left foot.................................don't drink and drive."

Powerful stuff.