Sunday, 18 December 2011

Barcelona win FIFA Club World Cup

Many moons ago some guy in FIFA thought "I wonder if there is a way to measure which is the greatest football team in the world" and then another guy said "yeh there is, it's called the world cup" and then the first guy said "yeh I know that but what about in clubs" and a tournament no-one cared about was born.

Barcelona are the latest team to have lifted the trophy, which is a coveted one and in no way tied to a competition that exists only as a means to make more money.  They managed to beat such illustrious opposition as 'some team from Qatar' and 'I don't give a fuck' to finally play Santos in the final, who I only really know about because Neymar lives there.  Even more surprising than Barcelona being crowned the best team in the world was the selection of Lionel Messi as the tournament's best player.  He beat Neymar and every other Barcelona player in FIFA's shortlist.

I'm glad they finally managed to make a competition that proved both of these things but the bad news for football fans is the fact that all of Barcelona's squad will now destroy all before them as they posses radioactive powers, thanks to their time spent in Japan.  So thanks Japan for making Barcelona have super powers.  Because they weren't already hard enough to beat.  Damn Japanese and your nuclear radiation