Friday, 23 December 2011

AZ vs Ajax game abandoned after fan attacks keeper

During a recent match between AZ Alkmaar and Ajax, some guy from the crowd ran on to the pitch to attack goalkeeper Esteban.  Luckily for the fan, Esteban decided to inflict his own form of justice which was kick him very hard.  Unluckily for the goalie, the referee sent him off.  I don't know how that works.

Of course he's a got a shaved head.  I don't know what it is about that look that violent people find so endearing but whatever.  The AZ manager immediately hauled off his entire team after the referee sent his player off since it is probably the worst decision any referee has ever made.   The Dutch FA has since rescinded the red card because:
The keeper was attacked unexpectedly and therefore the prosecutor judged that his mood caused his response against his attacker
Damn right that it justified his response.  Anyone that runs on to a football pitch to physically assault a player deserves what they get.  Can you imagine what would have happened if Roy Keane had been on the receiving end?  The whole place would just have gone eerily quiet as we watched him strangle someone to death in the middle of the pitch, and his lifeless body flopped to the ground.  It would make that episode of You've Been Framed really weird for one thing.