Friday, 2 December 2011

AVB will not be sacked

There are some real retards in this world and some of them have been saying that Andre Villas-Boas should be given more time in charge of Chelsea.  I don't know what planet you'd be on to think it was a good idea to fire him after like three months.

The man himself has told everyone to pipe down, reminding the story stirring cunts in the tabloids that it would cost more than the moon is worth to fire him, he's been in the job for a few months and that his boss thinks he is great and definitely won't sack him no matter what happens this year.  I don't think we can really attribute any blame to the mastermind tactician for having to teach old dogs new tricks.  It must be exceptionally hard as a pro footballer to not realise that age affects you and takes away some of the things that made you spritely and fast in your youth.  Frank Lampard's speed has gone from "newly bought Ford Fiesta" to 'my Mum's old Nissan Micra' in about a year and a half, which is of course to say that he used to be fast and now looks gay.  Wait