Wednesday, 28 December 2011

AVB says title bid is fucked

Chelsea haven't been amazing this year but that's because the players are all past their best and can't accept it, like a hot girl at school who ends up looking like an orangey leather faced slag in their 30s.

Because Fernando Torres is shit now, he hasn't been able to score any of the goals AVB would have liked and Chelsea have struggled to churn out points like they might have done in past years.  From The BBC:
"With City and United continuing to get the points they are getting, it'll be difficult.
"Maybe the Premier League is over for us at the moment."
The manager also denied he would have a budget of £140million to spend in January because the reporter just made that up on the spot.  "Is it true you're going to have like £80million to spend?" "no" "Oh I see so you're saying you're going to have £140million... I need to report this right now!"

That's honestly how half these places get this information.  They just take a wild stab in the dark and see what happens, which coincidentally is probably what Abramovich is going to do with Fernando Torres if he doesn't wise up soon.