Wednesday, 7 December 2011

AVB Fights back

Who has been slagging off Chelsea? Was it you? If it was, watch out because Andre Villas-Boas is going to batter you. You probably didn't know until I told you last night but Chelsea have won their last two games and AVB is hitting back at the haters.

He always watches games from the sideline in that stupid squatting position. One of these days he is going to witness a Lampard special and actually shit himself with delight. Andre feels that Chelsea have proved all the doubters wrong after the win last night and his post-match interview had about as much class as John Terry in a nightclub.
"We've been chased by different kinds of people and pressures. Here we have given everyone a slap in the face."
 "It is unfortunate for you guys [the media] because you have to report on a brilliant win for Chelsea and we qualify first in the group. It is difficult for everybody and today this is difficult for you."
Why is it that when Mourinho says stuff like this he sounds cool as fuck but when AVB does it, he sounds like a whiny little bitch? Gary Neville especially got under his skin and he was called out personally, he is a dick to be fair. Perhaps Boas should have checked his fixture lists before coming out with this, they have Manchester City up next.I can already see Gary Neville's smug face in the Sky studio stroking his goatee with delight, after watching City rape them 5-0.