Monday, 26 December 2011

Arsenal might sign Wayne Bridge

Arsene Wenger has sort of half-denied that his side are interested in taking Wayne Bridge off of Man City's wage books, clutching a picture of Thierry Henry to his chest the entire time he talked about it.

Arsenal moved their Boxing Day match to the 27th since the London Tube drivers decided to go on strike because they didn't want to work.  It's Christmas don't you know?!  Arsene Wenger spent his time writing up a list of pros and cons for signing Wayne Bridge:

I agree with Wenger that he can't be any worse than Andre Santos but I guess when the Brazilian plays at least it's exciting.  You never know if he'll pass it to the opposite team, put it in his own net or go on a run and skin about 8 players before firing over the bar from 30 yards, whereas boring old dependable Wayne Bridge just puts in a shift and then goes home.  That's probably why his wife cheated                 at Monopoly.

Merry Boxing Day!