Saturday, 24 December 2011

Arsenal might probably re-sign Thierry Henry

It's been on the cards for a while because he's been training with them, but Arsene Wenger has suggested that now might be a good time to sign up Thierry Henry to boost Arsenal's attacking options in the new year.

The age old football rule is that 'going back to your old club always works out perfectly' as evidenced in particular by such greats as Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer who both won the World Cup with Newcastle.  Henry is now 34 but has shown enough in training with the Gunners that Wenger feels he's worthy of a contract, and seeing as how Gervinho and his giant forehead are going to Africa for quite a while in January, it would make perfect sense to have some cover from the club's all time top goal scorer.  I mean Thierry Henry, not Francis Jeffers.

After signing the Frenchman, Wenger reportedly plans to also lure Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit out of retirement since they seemed to work quite well together last time.  And even if it doesn't work as he might hope it does, even today they will still be better than Andrei Arshavin currently is.  I'm pretty sure that guy's just given up.