Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Anelka: Off to china?

Nicolas Anelka has had a bizarre career. He burst onto the scene at Arsenal, was sold to Real Madrid for £100000m and then moved to a heap of other clubs like Manchester City when they were still shit and Bolton of all places. He could be set to leave Chelsea this January and head to China.

shamelessly stolen from the BBC
Anelka is in talks with Shanghai Shenhua and will decide whether to sign with them next week. I guess he will be thinking, "do I want to move to China? do I really need another £100 odd million? Yes, yes i do". Someone from Shenhua said that they aren't worried about throwing money at a player who is already 32 because the standard of the league complete dog turd.

£87m has been spent on Anelka so far in his career. That could get you Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson. Imagine having those three players in the same team, you would probably win every game about 8-0.

Anelka's problem throughout his career has been his fucking idiot brother/agent Claude. He would make Nicolas play Irish league bollock naked, if he thought he'd be cut a dollar or two.