Monday, 12 December 2011

Anelka is moving to China

Nicolas Anelka has been training away from the first team because AVB really hates him, and as further punishment he is now being shipped to China to make trainers or something.

borrowed from the telegraph
The 32 year old Frenchman has signed a two year deal and Shanghai Shenhua have agreed a fee with Chelsea, believed to be a packet of biscuits and also some money.  There are rumours that Anelka questioned AVB's managerial calibre and after handing in a transfer request he's been made to hang out with the rest of the infidels in Chelsea's basement or reserve pitch or whatever.  Life should be easier for Le Sulk in China because not only is he going to be part of the nation that will soon enslave us all, but Shanghai also cheat a lot and that is why they were demoted to lower leagues.  Anelka joked 'I just don't know how I'll be able to tell all my team-mates apart!" but I thought that was really racist of him.